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Model 273 Plow Mixer 

PDF Document: HM-4525-2

Year 2000 
Gross Vessel Capacity: 16 CF; Nominal Working Capacity: 12 CF 
Construction: T304SS; 2-15/16" shaft and bearings 
Sub-base; 6: Knife gate discharge; 15 HP drive at 180 RPM 
Motor Control System; Stage Air System

Model 273 Mixer illustrated with hinged top cover open:

Model 273 Mixer drive end view on the left and opposite end view on the right:

hm-45211.jpg (17998 bytes) hm-45212.jpg (15018 bytes) 

Model 273 interior view shows 140 grit polished surfaces and CEMA III welding. Replaceable plow and paddle tools are shown as well as air swept discharge pocket:

wpe6.jpg (38606 bytes)

Mixer mounted, piped and wired Stage Air System provides properly conditioned air to the shaft seals, the discharge gate air cylinder and provides an air swept mixing chamber and discharge gate pocket:

hm-4525.jpg (30438 bytes)



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