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Model 3206 Dry Powder Mixer 

PDF Document: HM-4555-1

400-800 pound batches

Model 3206 Dry Powder Mixer 

400-800 pound batches

The Model 3206 KELLY DUPLEX Horizontal Mixer is designed to specifically address production requirements and concerns experienced by operators in the Rotational Molding Industry

This mixer provides for easy access for cleaning and loading. The standard full open top cover gives complete access to the interior. Cover features include an air vent with dust control sock, a material inlet nozzle and a color additive port. The cover is hinged, gasketed and clamped with easy to use quick acting clamps. Continuously welded mixer body seams and tool arms eliminate hard-to-clean contamination points. Air purged shaft seals help to prevent cross-batch color contamination. An optional air control system provides regulated, filtered, and dried air to the shaft seals and discharge gate pocket when the mixer is operating and shuts off the air supply when the mixer is not in use.

The Model 3206 is constructed with a stainless steel body and endplates to promote quick, efficient, and inexpensive cleaning and to minimize static, without the greater expense of total stainless steel construction. Optional internal metal surface polishing further enhances this quick cleaning design.

A combination of curved paddle and plow mixing tools create a scooping and lifting mixing action, with a unique "criss-cross" blending pattern. This positive and thorough action assures that all material is continuously overlapped and cross-blended for uniform product dispersion throughout the batch.

A packed air operated knife gate discharge valve provides for a tight mixer vessel and allows for a thorough discharge. Valve uses a metal-to-metal stainless steel seat for positive shut-off and is self-cleaning.

Drive horsepower and final driven speeds have been engineered for dispersion of 400-800 pound batches of polyethylene of various densities, from 22 to 35 PCF, with from 0.1% to 1% of dry color pigments. An optional transfluid hydrokinetic transmission can be built into the drive to provide smooth and gradual starts and protection against starting overloads

An optional Motor Control Center provides for the control of all mixing functions, and can include a batch cycle timer, a temperature indicator, a mixer motor jog function, indicating lights and a remote operator station.

Mixer support legs are furnished to provide discharge heights sufficient for discharge directly into bulk containers. Optional load cells are available so that entire mixer is scale mounted right on the production floor.

Solid model renderings are shown below:

Model 3206 Mixer rendering illustrates a 30 HP drive equipped with a transfluid hydrokinetic transmission operating the mixer shaft at 150 RPM. This drive provides for starting the mixer after the batch has been weighed and loaded by the integrated load cell scale system. Other visible features include the packed and air purged shaft seal system, the gasketed, clamped and hinged full open top cover with a built in color additive panel, a bulk loading inlet nozzle and a mixer filtered air vent.

Floor level view of the Model 3206 Mixer reveals the packed air cylinder operated knife gate discharge valve, which provides for a tight mixer and allows for a thorough discharge. The mixer support legs provide for direct discharge into bulk containers, and the leg pads interface directly with an integrated load cell batch weighing system.


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