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Stainless Steel Mixing Ribbon Assembly 

PDF Document: HM-4585-1

Double outer ribbon, Single inner ribbon 
Model 4808SSR; 69191-H15388; May 1999

These views of a Kelly Duplex Model 4808 mixing ribbon assembly illustrate the heavy-duty stainless steel triple ribbon construction designed for rapid mixing of batched compounds. The assembly is 8 feet long and 4 feet in diameter with a center discharge pattern. It is constructed from 6-5/8" heavy wall tubing, 1-3/4" diameter arms and a 4" diameter T2205 high strength alloy stainless steel drive shaft. The double helix outer ribbon is fabricated from 5/8" thick T304 stainless steel plate. The single inner ribbon is of 1/2" stainless construction. The high strength stainless arms are installed to pass through the core tubing for added strength and life, and are massively reinforced at the ends. All welding is continuous and ground smooth, and all surfaces are finished and blasted. Nominal batching capacity of the Model 4808 Ribbon Mixer is 60 to 90 cubic feet of various compounds.

hm-45812.jpg (24250 bytes) hm-45813.jpg (22625 bytes)

Full and oblique views illustrate construction detail of triple-ribbon heavy-duty design.

hm-45814.jpg (7558 bytes) hm-45815.jpg (8319 bytes) hm-45816.jpg (17273 bytes) hm-45817.jpg (17896 bytes)

Detail views illustrate ribbon reinforcing at critical load points and intricate ribbon mixing pattern.

hm-45818.jpg (20954 bytes) hm-45819.jpg (13607 bytes)

The inner ribbon is designed to move material from the center of the batch to the outer ends of the mixing vessel. The double outer ribbon, in turn, moves material from the ends of the mixer to the center and provides for discharge and cleanout.

hm-45820.jpg (15480 bytes) hm-45821.jpg (11649 bytes)

Outer ribbon end detail illustrates reinforced close clearance of outer ribbon to mixing vessel endplate.

hm-45822.jpg (19415 bytes) hm-45823.jpg (13369 bytes)

Inner ribbon detail shows the reinforced inner ribbon overlapping the center of the mixing vessel to pick up material and carry it to the outside ends.


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