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Twin Molasses Mixer 

PDF Document: MM-4350-1

9" Tubular Screw Feeder with 1 HP Variable Speed Drive 
Molasses Spray manifold with pump and meter 
Product Number: 4350; 68811-H05418

This high intensity Twin Rotor Continuous Mixer provides an excellent method of adding molasses or fat to dry feed previously mixed in a Kelly Duplex vertical or horizontal mixer. Dry, mixed product is uniformly transferred to the Twin Molasses Mixer by means of a screw feeder, as illustrated. This mixer, operating at 1100 RPM with a 7-1/2 HP drive, can produce from 6 to 10 tons per hour of average 35 pound per cubic foot material. Features include a complete, easy to-to-adjust control system that lets one operator set and maintain the most exacting liquid to solid proportions. Standard equipment includes a liquid flow meter, a pressure gauge and a dial indicator valve. Pumps, strainers, core heaters, valves and meters are available for practically any liquid material. The illustration below also shows a two-way bagger discharge that can be attached in place of the standard bulk discharge.


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