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Model 54068-60-12 Vertical Mixer

PDF Document: VM-4740-2

5 HP Gear reducer drive at 135 RPM 
Magnetic Trap on discharge valve; load cell mounted 
Serial Number: M01001, 1999

This Kelly Duplex Vertical Mixer, load cell mounted and used for plastics compounding, features a 5 HP drive turning the internal 12" diameter helicoid mixing spiral at 135 RPM. Various ingredients to be blended are introduced into the top of the mixer, rapidly mixed internally in the mixing vessel, then drawn out of the mixer at the bottom of the cone through a magnetic trap. The view below shows the standard Operator's Manual Case, the Padlockable Protective Interlocking Electric Control Switch, the instruction and hazard warning decals, and the 5 HP drive. This mixer is 54" in diameter and has a nominal gross vessel capacity of 68 cubic feet.

The 5 HP shaft mounted gear reducer and v-belt drive is mounted on top of the vertical mixer. This durable, compact, and easily serviced drive takes both the end thrust and radial load of the mixer spiral:

vm-4742.jpg (21525 bytes) vm-4743.jpg (17495 bytes)

These views illustrate the clamped and hinged maintenance panel at the bottom of the downtube, interlocked with a time delay protective interlocking limit switch. Also shown, in both operational and service mode, is the magnetic trap installed at the mixer discharge point:

vm-4744.jpg (29716 bytes) vm-4745.jpg (7984 bytes) vm-4746.jpg (18242 bytes)

Standard mixer equipment includes an Operator's Manual Case, a Padlockable Interlocking Electrical Control Switch and hazard warning and instructional decals

vm-4747.jpg (25707 bytes)


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