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Model 18D Portable Bulk Scale 

PDF Document: PBS-6550-1

Pricing Information

#758 Digital Weight Indicator 
with C-cell battery power supply

View of battery operated digital indicator. Indicator provides readout up to scale capacity of 1,000 pounds graduated either in pounds or kilograms

View shows large front wheels and rear swivel caster with brake. Floor level discharge with easily operated slide gate delivers weighed materials out the front bottom of the bulk body.

Views illustrate features of the Model 18D Portable Bulk Scale such as the attached Operators Manual Case, the heavy duty push bar, the convenient discharge slide control and the easy to read and use digital weight indicator.

PBS-653.jpg (16384 bytes) PBS-654.jpg (17185 bytes)


Model 18 with digital indicator: $2,930.00
Model 18 with beam: $2,610.00

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