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Model No. 4 Vertical Mixer

PDF Document: VM-4728-1

Pricing Information

9" Screw Feeder Inlet 
69196-H15400, May 1999 (#72-200-60-12)

The Model Number 4 Kelly Duplex Vertical Mixer has a gross vessel capacity of 200 cubic feet and a nominal batch working capacity of 170 cubic feet. This mixer features a 60 degree cone, a 12 inch diameter stepped pitch internal mixing spiral, a 10" rack and pinion discharge gate at 41" discharge height and a 10 HP motor and V-belt drive. The mixer is loaded at floor level with a 9" screw feeder featuring a 24" x 48" inlet hopper 28" above floor level.

Material to be mixed can be introduced through the screw feeder or through the mixer top cover. Mixing action occurs when the internal spiral conveyor lifts material to the top of the inside tube and blends existing material with new material in the cone, downtube and inside tube. At the top material is distributed in a 360 degree pattern by a distribution flinger at the top of the spiral. Gravity action inside the mixer body allows material to flow from top to bottom while gentle mixing occurs.

ag_ver2.jpg (14090 bytes) ag_ver3.jpg (12996 bytes)

The key component of a vertical spiral mixer is the spiral. The views shown below illustrate the stepped pitch mixer spiral permitting gentle pickup of fine materials in the bottom of the mixer downtube loading area. Material is then gently accelerated to the top of the mixer where the top spiral flinger spreads it in a uniform 360 degree pattern. Note the heavy-duty construction at the top, or drive end, of the spiral. This is an example of construction features that provide for long machine life in daily service.

ag_ver4.jpg (10116 bytes) 
ag_ver5.jpg (11180 bytes)
ag_ver6.jpg (9909 bytes)

Overall view of vertical mixer illustrates 10" rack and pinion discharge gate and force feed inlet in down tube just 6" above the floorplate. V-belt drive is shown at the top:

The vertical mixer spiral is force fed with a 9" screw feeder directly connected to the mixer downtube 6" above floor level. The 24" x 48" x 45 degree inlet hopper provides for convenient and metered loading of the mixer batch. The top of the hopper is located just 28" above floor level:

ag_ver8.jpg (41580 bytes) ag_ver9.jpg (12896 bytes)

The maintenance panel in the mixer cone with a protective interlocking limit switch, the mixer discharge gate in the bottom of the cone and the installed Padlockable Protective Interlocking Electrical Control Switch are illustrated in these views of the vertical mixer:

ag_ver10.jpg (19665 bytes) ag_ver11.jpg (6003 bytes)

Transportation of a vertical mixer is usually accomplished economically through the use of a contract carrier. In these views the vertical mixer and screw feeder are shown loaded on a flat bed truck and tarped for transportation:

ag_ver12.jpg (29069 bytes) ag_ver13.jpg (31744 bytes)


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